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Little in this show would work without Theresa Ham's earth-hewn costumes for the women — each seems selected to empower, or to reveal, and they tell a story all their own.
                                                                                       Oklahoma: Chicago Tribune- Chris Jones July 2015  
"Belle’s iconic gold gown elicits gasps from the audience, and the Beast’s face and paws intimidate thanks to Theresa Ham’s gorgeous costume design."
Beauty & the Beast: Chicago Theater Beat- Laura Whalen July 2012  
"...Theresa Ham's costumes pop with vibrancy and go far beyond the usual."
The Sound of Music: Chicago Tribune- Chris Jones Oct 2011             
"Theresa Ham’s array of period perfect costumes are built for lightning quick changes as a dozen actors shift seamlessly between characters and genders."
Civil War Christmas: Center Stage Chicago-Colin Douglas Dec 2010
"And the gorgeous costumes from Theresa Ham rival -- or exceed -- those at any of those theaters downtown in their detail and thematic precision."
Side Show: Chicago Tribune- Chris Jones June 2006                       

Theresa Ham- Theatrical Costume Designer

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